It turns out that whether the Replica Rolex crown is straight or not depends on the person's dish!

For many labor fans,if the Rolex crown they buy is correct,it is estimated that they will be as happy as winning a prize by accident!Showing off in Moments is a must.In fact,there has always been a rumor in the world that the crown of a replica rolex is hard to find.There is only one crown for every 5,000 Rolex watches.It is your fate to encounter it in this life.Whether this rumor is true or not is unknown,but the author has observed the crowns of many Rolex watches,and it is really rare to encounter the situation where the crown is facing straight up!

This is true of everything,because there are few cases of Rolex crowns being upright,which makes things more expensive than rare ones.In actual transactions,the upright crown is still a big selling point,and it can command a premium compared to non-correct ones.When it comes to this,many watch friends will say,why doesn’t fake rolex watches put the crown in a uniform way?

This is because the waterproof technology adopted by Rolex requires the crown to use a screw lock handle.Rolex assemblers must tighten it to be waterproof.low.

Of course,dignified Rolex must know this problem,and it is not impossible to solve it.After searching on the Internet,it was found that as early as 2013,fake rolex watches had applied for a patent to keep the crown upright.Surprise or not,happy or not!But the reality is cruel.Rolex still seems to be so casual,and it is still hard to find a replica watches with the crown on.